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Kuźnia Batory offers a wide range of products forged from over 100 steel grades, which are used in machining, energy, automotive and shipbuilding industries. Kuźnia Batory is one of the key producers of rail axles in Poland. Rail axes are produced in accordance with current standards of PN EN 13261 norm and technical requirements defined by the Rail Vehicle Institute in Poznań. It is the only producer of electroslag-remelted steel, which is characterized by high purity and allows a smooth inner structure, eliminating irregularities typical for forged products. Another unique asset held by the company is a high-tech free forging press with a thrust of 20 MN. Kuźnia Batory is Poland’s leading plant processing high-alloy and specialty steels (nickel, niobium, titanium alloys) which are used in the aerospace and rocket industry.

More then half of the products are exported to e.g. Turkey, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and the USA.

The company has a significant share in Polish 150-650 mm forged bars market as well as in shape forging market.


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